InQ Biosciences — ThinQ Smarter

InQ Biosciences provides the first fully integrated cell growth and cell analysis system that combines a dynamic software-controlled sample environment with powerful imaging and real-time data collection. The InQ cell research system's exclusive ability to control environmental parameters with correlated real-time sample feedback empowers researchers with astonishingly novel and efficient approaches to discovery. Only the InQ system offers:

  • Ability to create a high-fidelity simulation of the environment in the human body
  • Precise management of temperature, gas levels, and media perfusion for extended cell growth
  • Advanced automated onboard microscopy with remote monitoring for superior cell analysis
  • Unprecedented reproducibility and standardization
  • Greater visualization
  • Exceptional data quality

InQ Biosciences' instrument accurately models the conditions found in the human body that are essential for healthy cell growth and cell analysis. It is an essential tool for researchers studying the effects of disease and environment on human and animal cells.